Collection: Heat/Cold Therapy

Our natural Heat/Cold Therapy products have many uses and benefits, and are the perfect solution for your whole family. Each item from our collection is individually handmade, reusable and portable too!

Made with 100% natural flax or barley fillings and your choice of aesthetically pleasing 100% cotton fabrics. Both flax and barley hold heat and cold very well and have a very organic scent when heated. Flax is a smooth grain that is soft to the touch, while barley is a thick and heavier grain that is beneficial for pressure point usage.

Usage Benefits:

  •  Ease stress & tension
  •  Sooth body stiffness
  •  Nursing mothers
  •  Abdominal cramps
  •  Comfort
  •  Ease child growing pains
  •  Arthritis pain
  •  Enhances circulation - heals injuries faster

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