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Let's Collaborate Together!

Looking to create and everlasting impression with your guests, clients, and fellow co-workers?

We can help!

Allow us to take the guess work out of creating the perfect gift with your personalized touch, while you focus on your special event.

We can create the product you want with the scents you love and the design that suits your needs.

Perfect for the following events:

  •  Weddings
  •  Bridal Showers
  •  Anniversaries
  •  Baby Showers
  •  Birthday Parties
  •  Realtor - new home purchase / house warming gift
  • Subscription Boxes
  •  Special Events

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Who have we collaborated with?

The Welcome Home Collection, featured at Arthur Cash & Carry

Let's Create Together

We have collaborated with the Welcome Home Collection to create a beautiful aray of bath and body care products you know and love with their very own unique branding

“Our mission is to promote the power of plants through high quality bath and body care product, made from natural ingredients and with respect for everything around us”

- Nicole, Founder

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