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Hand Warmers

Hand Warmers

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Fabric Option:

Portable and perfect for the whole family on those cold crisp days.  Available in a set of 2. Each set of hand warmers are individually handmade and filled with 100% natural flax. Choose your favourite fabric option that's right for you!

Simply place them in in your mitts or the pockets of your jacket to keep your hands toasty warm.

- OR - 

Chill them in the freezer and they are the perfect way to soothe those ouchies - big or small!

Size: 3" (W) x 4 1/4" (L)


100% cotton fabric filled with your choice of fill Flax Seed

Heating/Cooling Instructions

Heating Instructions:

Microwave in 30-second intervals, without exceeding 2
minutes total. Carefully check the temperature of the pack at each interval.
Allow heated pack to stand for 20-30 seconds before use.

Cooling Instructions:

Place in a sealed plastic bag in the freezer for up to 2 hours.


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"My whole family uses them when we go sledding"

- Heather

Portable and perfect for the whole family on those cold crisp days