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Hazelnut - Car Air Freshener

Hazelnut - Car Air Freshener

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Essential Oil:

Long commutes, rush our traffic. Why not sooth your senses and add a little boho touch to your ride with our Aromatherapy Macrame Leaf.

Handmade from 100% recycled cotton cord. The stainless-steel ring makes fastening a breeze to your rear-view mirror. While the lava beads allow you to choose and apply your favourite essential oil or blend so you can enjoy them on the go!

    In addition, Lava stones are known for its grounding qualities giving us strength, courage and stability and are wonderful for calming the emotions. The porous Lava Stone allows for the absorption of essential oils. 


    •  100% Recycled Cotton Cord
    •  Stainless Steel Ring
    •  Your Choice of Essential Oil Or Oil Blend (5mL)
    •  White Lava Stones

      Size: 4” x 5”


    Where do the essential oils go?

    Simply add a drop of your favourite essential oil(s) to the porous Lava beads to enjoy the therapeutic benefits of your essential oil(s)
    all day long!


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    The perfect way to enjoy the therapeutic benefits of your favourite Essential Oils while you are on the go!